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The Services That We Provide to Help You to Create, Build and Grow Your Brand

About BAP Media Group

BAP Media Group is a professional digital marketing agency, specializing in creating, supporting and growing your personal or professional brand. Whether your desire is to establish a new business or you want to grow an existing business; we’re here to create the digital assets that you need to help achieve your marketing goals.

The portfolio content within the pages of this website are examples of the types of digital assets that we’ve created for some of our many clients from around the world. We will help you build and grow your brand by creating a
state of the art website design, compelling video content, dynamic motion graphic videos, a cutting edge logo design, and more..

Yes, like most businesses, our goal is to create and nurture a professional relationship with you. But, more importantly, BAP Media Group is also a “culturally” based entity - In other words, many of our clients are like family to us. Consequently, the assets that we design for our clients are specifically created to their needs.

Therefore, everything that we do as a digital marketing agency is predicated on building a strong professional, as well as personal friendship with our clients.

With that said,
welcome to the BAP Life! At the end of this page, there’s a FREE RESOURCES REPORT for you to download (below) as well. So, hang out as long as you like. It’s going to be fun 😊

What does BAP Media Group offer our visitors and our clients?

In Keith’s own words:

“I love what I do, because it allows me to consult with and help create and grow the brands of my clients from around the globe. My main goal in helping to design our clients’ digital marketing assets, is so that they can utilize those assets in their own digital marketing plans, to help grow their businesses and build their brands.

“I believe that it’s my God given mission to successfully serve BAP Media Group’s clients. The goal is to successfully deliver the digital marketing assets and knowledge that will enable them to pay it forward… which in turn, essentially empowers them to successfully serve the needs of their own customers.

“That sentiment has always been my goal from the very beginning. And, for me personally, as a branding and digital marketing professional, there’s not much more that’s sweeter than that.”
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Web Design | Graphic Design | Video Marketing | Motion Graphics | Voice Overs

A Little about BAP Media Group’s founder

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Greetings and welcome to the BAP Life - My name is Keith Baldwin and I began my digital marketing career in 1997.

I began my career by designing logos, creating videography and video editing projects, producing national car commercials and working in the music business, as an A&R Executive Assistant for the Warner Music Group.

I have a strong passion for creative design, digital marketing and personal/business branding solutions. I have worked in the creative design, digital marketing and television advertising business most of my adult life.

As a former assistant A&R Executive for Giant Records; a now defunct subsidiary of the Warner Music Group (WMG), I had the honor of working under the tutelage of Irving Azoff, the former President and CEO of Giant Records.

Mr. Azoff is a legendary music industry icon. He was honored in 2016, with the Grammy Music Award’s “President’s Merit Award”, for his significant contributions and philanthropic endeavors in the music industry.

Some of the music industry projects that I’ve had the privilege to work on, included projects for the 90’s boyband, “Color Me Badd”, MC Hammer and several other acts that were signed to the now defunct, Giant Records/Warner Music Group (WMG) label.

Additionally, for eight years, I’ve was the former Director of Operations for “Focus on Cars, Inc.” Focus on Cars was a production company in the Los Angeles area; that specialized in producing national television commercials, as well as new car dealership brochures for GM, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.

I specialize in digital marketing. If your goal is to create a website, design a logo, create a video marketing ad, voice overs for your online ad, or any other form of digital marketing asset, my design team and I are uniquely qualified to help you meet that goal.

Our ultimate job at BAP Media Group is simple - We’re here to assist you, by creating the digital marketing assets that will
help you to build and grow your professional or personal brand.

We have designed digital marketing assets for our many happy clients from around the world.
You can read some of our reviews by clicking on this link: Client Reviews
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Awards and Recognitions

Society of Young American Professionals
Who’s Who of Young American Professionals

Vin Clancy Growth Club
2017 Most Impressive Authors List

LInkedIn Recognition

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Meet a Few of My Clients

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What BAP Media Group’s Clients Say…

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BAP Media Group’s World Class Customer Service

Good customer service means meeting your clients’ expectations. World Class Customer Service means exceeding your clients’ expectations - not just by a little bit; but by a whole lot. And that’s one of our goals here at BAP Media Group.

We strive to go far beyond interacting with you in a friendly, helpful and positive way. So, how do we do that? Well, we
ALWAYS strive offer you far more value than you may be expecting.

The idea is to leave you with a lasting impression, by working together with you to create and grow a top notch personal or professional brand for you and/or your business. But, it doesn’t stop there. That’s only the beginning. After we’ve delivered your digital marketing services and products for you, we will continue to help support and grow your brand.

If you have a question or you need branding, creative design or digital marketing advice, we’ll be happy to consult with and advice you (without cost). This applies regardless of whether or not you’ve yet to invest in building your brand with us, you’re a past or present client, you joined our mailing list, you follow us on social media, or you purchased one of my books. All you have to do, is simply give us a call and we’ll arrange a free consultation with you and/or your team. We’re always here for you.

My philosophy is to offer you a level of customer service that matches and perhaps even exceeds our excellent digital marketing services and assets.

Many of our clients are like family to me. And I know that that’s what separates BAP Media Group from many other digital marketing businesses. My goal is to not only help you to succeed in reaching your digital marketing goals, but to also perhaps, nurture a long-term professional (and sometimes even personal) relationship with my clients - Where I come from, that’s what close “families” do


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What is my most rewarding project?

I've worked on everything from designing logos to producing national TV commercials. But, my most memorable experience was when I enrolled my (then) 8 year old son in Apple Camp to learn how to write his own script, create a storyboard, direct, shoot and edit his own video project. To be able to share my love for digital design with my son in such a personal way, was definitely my most rewarding, as well as my most memorable experience. If you’d like to check out my son Skye’s video project, just click the link here => Apple Camp Project.
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If you’re a life coach, an author, a speaker, a consultant, or you have your own business (or perhaps you've been thinking of starting your own business), grab my FREE guide => “Top 10 Traffic Resources”. This guide is a great resource that gives you the tools to help increase traffic to your website or blog and essentially help to “BOOST YOUR LEADS AND SALES.” WAIT! Did I mention that it’s FREE? Click on the link above (or the guide below) and download your FREE copy today.

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