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Internet Marketing is Like a Game of Chess


The goal of a chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s King. Likewise, the goal of an Internet marketer is to establish their brand as number one in their respective niche in the marketplace.

Using chess as an analogy, the chessboard represents your marketplace. And your chess pieces are your bits of strategy that you use to win the marketing game against your competitors.

Your Internet Marketing Resources

The chessboard (representing the marketplace), has sixteen chess pieces for each player: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns (i.e. your various Internet marketing environment/tools). Each type of the six pieces moves differently and abide by various rules (i.e. your various Internet marketing strategies).

  • The King represents your brand, of which each player (i.e. each marketer) tries to protect at any cost.
  • The Queen represents the strategic marketer, who plans the different moves, evaluates the scenarios and outcomes, and decides what steps to take to improve the business’s position in the marketplace.
  • The Rooks, Bishops and Knights represent the different marketing methods, that you need to create market visibility in your niche.
  • The Pawns represent your value proposition. These are your marketing and collateral materials, such as your website, eBooks, videos, webinars, blog postings, landing pages, sales funnel, white pages, etc.

Grow Your Online Visibility

Like becoming a chess master, growing your brand’s reach and visibility takes a lot of learning, time and effort. Whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, a busy business owner, or a CEO of a large corporation. I’ll work with you to develop your website or turn your current website into the ultimate industry resource in your niche. I’ll consult with you and develop a responsive website that receives the search visibility it deserves.

There are more than a billion websites on the Internet. Just having a website presence, in and of itself, is not enough to compete for traffic, leads, and sales. If you want to grow your business, it takes more than traffic to turn visitors into customers. You need to maximize the return on your investment by turning your website visitors into leads and sales. That’s why I offer services that will maximize value for your visitors at every stage on the path to conversion.

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