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3 Very Important Tips On Making Promotional Videos

There are many types of videos that you can post online, from instructional videos to short films. Today I’m going to be discussing promotional videos. Promotional videos can be one of the most effective ways to market your business. Besides your own website, blog or video sales letter, you can publish these videos on a variety of websites. YouTube and Vimeo are currently among the most popular websites to post your videos and promote your business. By linking these videos to your website, you can drive traffic there, which could convert into excellent leads and sales for you.

The whole purpose of a promotional video is to generate interest in your business. But, there are some rules that you need to follow if you want your promotional video to work for you. Here are three tips on making promotional videos that are effective, engaging and will drive traffic for your business.

1. First, make sure that you’re not creating the same old boring content that other websites and bloggers are making. Create something that’s unique and most of all entertaining, so that people who watch the video actually enjoys the video. Your message will be much more effective if you have created a video that they enjoy watching. Your video message can be humorous, touching or even dramatic, as long as it’s engaging to your audience. If you aren’t sure if it’s entertaining enough, ask a few friends, family members and/or associates to watch it in your presence. And then observe their reaction to the video. If they are engaged throughout the entire video, it’s very likely good enough to post.

2. Keep your video short and sweet. Don’t create long videos that have too many details, too much information and takes more time to watch than most people want to spend. You’re going to bomb at promoting your business using overly lengthy videos. A good rule of thumb for promotional videos is between 2 to 5 minutes. Unless your video is super engaging, you don’t want to make it any shorter than two minutes long. Creating a promotional video that is less than two minutes in length may not help get your message across. On the other hand, most people viewing online promotional videos have a short attention span. So, keep your promotional videos under five minutes in length. Look at successful YouTube bloggers and follow their example.

3. Finally, keep the production value as its highest level possible. DO NOT use your webcam and built-in microphone. Instead use a good HD video camera or DSLR, or a cell phone that shoots in 1080p HD. Create an actual set and add proper lighting, so that you’re able to create a promotional video that looks as if it was produced by a professional video production company. The higher quality of the videos that you make, the more professional you and your company will look to the people that view your video. Your script, camera(s), lighting, sound equipment, and background are all vital details in creating a solid and effective promotional video.

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