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4 Must Use Tips on Running a Traffic Generation Contest

One of the best ways that you can generate traffic for your website is to create a contest. Contests are great because everyone loves participating in the competition, especially if you are offering some kind of great reward or prize. Generally, the best way to do a traffic generation contest is to offer a reward for your readers to refer new people to your website. Obviously, you’ll have to set up some sort of method for recognizing the referrer, but here are some tips on actually running the contest once you get it organized and planned.

1. Set a goal for your contest. Know what you’re trying to achieve before you begin. Have your results in mind before your launch day. If your goal of hosting a traffic generation contest is to get 1000 new people to visit your website, then you will be able to take steps to achieve that goal. If you just have a general goal of getting people to visit your site or increase your traffic, you’ll have much less success because you haven’t defined your goals.

2. Use social media, like Facebook or Twitter to advertise your contest several days in advance. If people don’t know about it, they aren’t going to be enough participates to meet your goal of generating an abundance of traffic. If you only advertise the contest on launch day, you’re only going to get a fraction of the participants that you would have gotten had you advertised your contest well in advance.

3. Let your participants clearly know what you what your goal is. If your goal is to generate traffic, then ask your participants to refer other people to your website to join the contest. If you don’t let people know why you’re running your contest and how they can benefit from it, they won’t be able to support your goal of generating traffic.

4. Finally, give your participants something really great. For example, if you decide that you’re going to give away a prize to the person that refers the most people to your contest, then make sure that the prize is a worthwhile one. If you are additionally giving away a prize for everyone who refers someone to your website, make sure that the prize for these participants is worthy one as well. Obviously, the prize for the person that refers the most people should get a reward that has a higher value than the one the other participants receive. Either way, you don’t want this to be your last contest. So plan properly and reward your participants with something of value.

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