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4 Very Simple Ways to Direct People to Your Website Using YouTube

If you want to get free traffic to your website, YouTube is a great resource because almost everyone goes there to watch videos. And, if you create videos, you definitely have a chance of being discovered. If you can create something amazing or awesome you might have a chance of going viral. But, how do you direct people to your website from YouTube? Here are four ways that you can do exactly that while still providing great video content for your viewers.

Number one, you can put your website URL directly in the description of the video. Of course, not everyone reads the description of a video but if you make an excellent video good, Many of your YouTube visitors will search the description area for more information about the video. Some of them will open the description area and they’ll see your URL. From there, you need to write an enticing message that gives them a reason to click on your URL. The description boxes there for exactly that that reason. You can share information about your blog content, more videos, or offer a free gift on your website in return for their email address.

Second, you can put the same information in the video annotations. The annotations are clickable so you can add your URL as well. That way, your viewers may follow the annotation to your website. Again, you need to give your viewers a reason to click on the link. So, you’ll need to add some enticing text to the link to encourage the viewer to click on the it.

The third thing you can do to get people to come to your website from your YouTube video is to simply ask directly from the video. If you are the one speaking in the video, just ask your visitors to visit your website or blog directly. Just look right into the camera, let your visitors know what benefits they’ll receive by visiting your website and invite them to click the link for more information. A personal invitation like this can be hard to resist. And, if you do it correctly, you get a lot of people visiting your website.

The fourth thing that you can do is use an onscreen Powerpoint or Keynote presentation to direct people to your website. You don’t have to be on camera or say anything at all if you’re not comfortable doing so. Instead, simply add your website URL to the Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, and again give them a reason to type that URL into their web browser. Alternatively, you can make a clickable link to the video presentation by adding an invisible box. Most importantly, you need to deliver a compelling message on the in the video to get your viewers to visit your website. If you can come up with a really great video, you’ll have zero cost traffic in no time.

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