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5 Reasons Why You Shoud Update Your Website

Creative arts is my passion. I've been in the creative arts business all of my adult life and have been fortunate enough to have clients from around the world. The scope of the types of projects that I've worked on, include everything from dynamic logo designs to compelling national TV commercials.

One of my favorite client projects is creating websites, of which are not only visually appealing and responsive, but more importantly, as a marketing tool, serves its purpose as a "lead generation tool".

I developed my first website (for my own creative agency business) in 2009. When I originally created that website, it was modern, functional and "cool." Web development and design trends have changed a lot since then. It was time to make a change. So, recently, I redeveloped my entire website to take advantage of the latest technologies and design trends.

Long gone are the days when it was sufficient to just own a website. With all the information available, users are way more savvy and picky these days. And with so many brands and businesses competing for attention, it’s imperative that you maintain and keep your website updated with trends, technology and search engine algorithms.

If you clearly know that your current site could use a facelift, or if your website's analytics show that your rate of monthly visitors have decreased over the past several months, it's certainly time to do something about it.

Does your current website need a makeover? Well, if you haven't changed the design over the past two years of more, then it's definitely time to redesign your site. The following are a few reasons why you should make that move...

Reason #1: It Doesn’t Reflect Your Current Brand

This one should be straightforward. Your website promotes you 24/7 on the world wide web. If you’ve rebranded, if your style and aesthetics have evolved throughout the past few years — your website should reflect and advocate that change. Otherwise, you’re sending the wrong message and attracting the wrong clients. Which brings us to reason #2.

Reason #2: You’re Not Attracting the Right Clients

If you are not getting inquiries from the type of clients you want to work with, you are not positioning yourself correctly in the market. One golden rule is to curate your work. Check the content and galleries you show on your website, remove the type of work you don’t want to do in the future. (i.e. wedding videography, affiliate sales, portrait photography, etc.). Carefully select your best, fresh images (the type of projects you want to do more of) and include them on your homepage or in your main (menu) slider. These steps will immediately filter out some of the unwanted inquiries. Make sure all your content is consistent, including colors, fonts, styling, etc. A good example of a consistent website would be my website: BAP Media Group.

Reason #3: Mobile Friendly

Most websites developed these days are responsive, but if you still don’t have a mobile friendly website, IT'S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. Even if you do have a responsive or adaptive design, you still need to keep up with the latest trends. Newer themes include modern css code which allows your site to adapt nicely to any device. They also allow you to hide certain page blocks for mobile, for a faster loading speed and nicer user experience.

Reason #4: Those Really Cool Apps & Integrations

If your website is 2+ years old, it might not be able to keep up with all the new apps, plugins and integrations that are available out there. So, if you want your favorite CMS app or eCommerce tools that simplify your workflow and to be integrated with your site, make sure your site is created with the latest web development software and keep it updated and fresh.

Reason #5: SEO

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. Do you have a blog? You should, as it’s a powerful marketing tool to drive more traffic and users your way, through keywords (assuming that you invest into a proper SEO and keyword strategy), internal and back links. Secondly, know that search engines love fresh content. Every time you make an update to your site, Google and other search engines crawl and index your pages, thus your site ranking gets recalculated. If you keep your content updated, you increase your chances of getting noticed. Pair that with a brand new, awesome website, and you’re guaranteed more attention, social shares and inquiries.

How Can I Help?

The point of this article was not to persuade you to change your website just for the sake of changing. While a website redesign is an important and demanding process, which requires some thought, time and effort — think about the reason you got a website in the first place. It exists to promote your work, inform customers about your brand and provide an amazing "Wow" experience for your visitors.

I put a lot of thought and expertise into each of my services and products, to help you to build and manage your business or personal brand. Be that videography, web development, graphic design, motion graphics design or Internet marketing solutions...

I want you to succeed, and I'm here to help and guide you through the process. Visit my
website and send me an email and I'll be happy to advice you on how to get the most our of your website and branding.
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