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My Crazy Experience of When I Met Prince at the Recording Studio

First let me say that, both as an artist and businessman, Prince was an incredible inspiration for me. The very first time I heard Prince on the radio, I knew immediately that I was listening to someone that was extremely special. His talent was beyond measure. My first thoughts were that I was, at that moment, experiencing my generation of the next Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Frederic Chopin.

In 1993, while working as an A&R Executive assistant for Giant Records, (a subsidiary label of Warner Music), I had the privilege to meet Prince. Prince was signed to Warner Music as well at that time. Additionally, at that time, he..
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3 Very Important Tips On Making Promotional Videos

There are many types of videos that you can post online, from instructional videos to short films. Today I’m going to be discussing promotional videos. Promotional videos can be one of the most effective ways to.. Read More…

Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising Is So Important to Your Success

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