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The Benefits of Using BAP Media Group
for Your
Professional Voiceover Video Projects

You’ve put the finishing touches on the script for your client or your own video marketing project. Your business has just spent several thousands of dollars creating the perfect visuals, countless hours perfecting the story, and you’ve added some very cool background music.

The visuals looks great and should be a huge success. Right? Now, all you need to do is have somebody voice the marketing video. Who? How about Kathleen or Donovan in the accounting department? They have nice voices…

But, does Kathleen or Donovan in Accounting know how to:

  • tell a story?
  • engage with the learner and are able to communicate to a group of realtors the same way they do with auto mechanics or executives?
  • not sound monotone, nor too sing-song-y nor robotic?
  • remove background noise, mouth clicks, etc.?
  • know how to use audio editing software? Good audio matters. Audio should enhance the copy, not detract from it. Nor should the quality of the sound distract the listener. Every audio script is a conversation. The professional voice talent knows exactly how to hone in on your audience, and relay your message in an engaging manner.
  • meet deadlines? How long will it take Kathleen or Donovan in accounting to record your voiceover segments without mistakes? But wait a minute, don’t they have their regular work to finish first? Isn’t, your ad campaign deadline submission less than 48 hours away! Will Kathleen or Donovan be able to complete their audio recordings in time? But, if they’re recording audio recordings, how and when will their regular work get done?

What a stressful situation! But, it doesn’t have to be that way, when you use a BAP Media Group’s professional voiceovers for your projects.

Choosing the correct voice(s) for your project(s) is important. Your professional voice over communicates your story with great emotional delivery. Your professional voiceover creator knows:

  • the audience (carpenters, realtors, dentists, truck drivers, children, etc.)
  • what the tone of the delivery should be (more formal with an executive audience, more casual for young children, teenagers and college students, etc.)
  • records with professional audio editing software
  • deadlines are crucial, and must be adhered to; and most importantly, tells the story of your brand and /or project.

When you choose BAP Media Group for your voiceovers, you’re getting:

  • Experience in voice over performance
  • Experience in YOUR area of expertise (real estate, digital marketing, auto sales, product marketing, etc.)
  • Deadline-sensitivity
  • Professionalism
  • Will review/prep the text
  • Will confirm desired tone
  • Will set up the audio files
  • Will record, doing multiple takes (if requested by client)
  • Will clean up unwanted sounds
  • Will prepare the final output
  • Reviews the recording and names the files
  • Background music (if necessary)
  • Converts files to the format of your choice and then deliver to you (via a delivery method of your choice—Dropbox, email, etc.)
  • Very competitive rates

What does BAP Media Group need from you for the best results? We need:

  • Your deadline – when do you need it? A professional voice over can turn around most scripts within 24-48 hours (depending on the length and complexity of the script).
  • What kind of voice/delivery do you want? Voice language, gender, age, personality/tone. Voice delivery (i.e. the pace, emotional tone, formality, etc.)
  • Will there be music added to the voice over?
  • What type of files - audio only, audio with video (wav, mp3, mp4, m4v, mov, etc.?) How will the voice over files be named?
  • Do you already have the visuals for your voice over project?
  • How would you like your files delivered? (via Dropbox, email, etc.?)
  • We need to agree on rate (which is billed per quarter minute intervals.)
  • Where/how is the information being used (group vs. personal?)
  • Does your audience speak native English or foreign language?
  • Any timing needs, i.e., to match the timing of the visuals in a video?

Still not sure if or how to choose the right voice talent for your project? (See our sample voice overs below.) Send a portion of your script with some specifications (what you’re looking for) to us, and we will audition your material. Give us your deadline of when you want the audition completed. With a specific audition, you can be rest assured we will understand your message, and deliver it the way you want it.

In a nut shell, the professional voiceover puts the icing on the cake, so to speak. Why leave your “message delivery” in the hands of someone that works in the accounting department of your business; who doesn’t have the expertise required to professionally engage your listener? BAP Media Group’s professional voiceovers pulls the whole project together for you.

Hiring us to administer your voiceover(s) saves you time and money. That’s what we do as a budget sensitive, professional digital marketer.

And, best of all… Right now, we’re offering a 40% discount on all voice over projects. But, hurry… This offer expires at the end of the month.


BAP Media Group’s Voice-Over Talent

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